Quiches are Delicious

by Farhana Rahman


Quiches are Delicious

What are you supposed to eat these days ?  Vegetables, proteins or fats ?  Keto or Paleo ? Low carb, no carb or just carbs ?

The most sensible thing is to surely enjoy everything in moderation.

Which brings me to why I’ve written a poem about quiche.

Frankly, quiches are delicious but their buttery, eggy, creamy filling means they don’t get as much Instagram love as they should. This makes me sad. Even quiches should get their time in the spotlight.

So here it is, my ode to quiche…


Ode to Quiche

Oh quiche

How are you so delicious?

Your filling is made of clouds.

My soul sings sweetly as your buttery base crumbles on my tongue.

They say I should make you with almonds and coconuts.

But quinoa does not make a quiche.

I could eat a thousand of you, a thousand times over.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

Why must you be so good, yet so devoid of worthy-nutritional-Instagram-material?

Yet here we are.

So one small slice it is

Until next time, my love.

Never change.

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