As Sisters and doctors,
experience and
expertise have
taught us that
each of us is
unique. Health
is complex and
can seem
confusing, but
we've come to
realise that
aligning the
mind, body and
soul gives you
the energy to
live your
best life

Farhana Rahman and Farzana Rahman

Farhana Rahman and Farzana Rahman

Our ETHOS and services

wellness NOT Illness

That’s our mantra.  As sisters and qualified medical doctors we’ve spent nearly 20 studying and practicing medicine. The volume of information out there is intimidating and more than that, it’s continually changing. Understanding the intricate processes that allow our bodies to heal can feel overwhelming. The only thing we truly know is that there is a lot of stuff we don’t know.

We believe that health and healing are more complex, nuanced and multi-faceted than many models suggest. They incorporate our thoughts, experiences and environment.   Healing is a continuous, on-going process that happens at many levels – from the cellular to the subconscious.

What we offer

We offer individuals and companies solutions to improve their overall wellbeing. Check out our blog for articles/tips on health and wellness.




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