Running as Medicine

By Farhana Rahman

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I’m currently loving my autumnal runs. The warm low sun glowing on my face as my feet crunch through fallen leaves and twigs - there really is nothing like it. We bring you a 2 part series on running, the benefits and how to safely start running.

National Running Initiative

The Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK launched an initiative in June of this year in which GP practices (family doctor offices) can affiliate with their local parkrun event. For those unfamiliar with parkruns, this is a scheme that organizes free, weekly 5km timed runs around the world in local parkland surroundings: it’s open to everyone at any level of experience and is a great way to get active.  So far, nearly 500 practices in the UK have joined this partnership and staff can signpost patients and families to their local events.


Running as Lifestyle Medicine 

This is a reflection of the growing awareness of lifestyle medicine amongst healthcare professionals: that medication is certainly not the only answer, if at all.  Physical activity can increase fitness, mobility and mental health and group settings can help combat social isolation and loneliness too, which in turn improves health and wellbeing.


6 Benefits of Running

  1. Running is free

  2. No experience required

  3. Get outdoors in the fresh air

  4. Mindful connection to nature and your surroundings

  5. Enjoy a natural high as your endorphins soar!

  6. Improved cardiovascular fitness


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